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Pricing and Billing
How do I establish credit with Torre & Tagus?
  All credit is granted at the discretion of Torre & Tagus Designs Ltd. once an account has been active for 12 months and is in good standing.
Terms are available on approved credit - call us for more details.
Sale Item Quantity
  Sale Items are sold in multiples of the regular Sale Quantity (SQ). The Sale Multiple Quantity is indicated beside the SQ on the product detail and is based on the discount level per item. Quantities below this Sale Multiple Quantity will be automatically increased to this level.
What are the payment terms?
  Until credit is established, orders are processed as Prepaid, COD, or by Visa or MasterCard.
Do I have to pay sales tax?
  Residents of California will be charged 8.25% state tax unless a valid Resale Certificate is presented.
For a copy of the resale certificate, please click here.
For more information, please visit the California State Board of Equalization website.

We do not charge sales tax for any other customers located in the United States or outside of Canada.

  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Items are billed at prices effective when shipped.
How do you deal with overdue accounts?
  A charge of 1.5% per month (18% per annum) will be applied on all overdue accounts. Overdue accounts will receive notification for
payment and action by collection agency if the amount is not settled. Collection costs & legal fees will be at customer's expense.

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